N&W caboose at BAYarts

On Thur., July 24, 1969, Baycrafters got delivery of their red Norfolk & Western Railroad caboose.

It took two days to haul it from the Dover Center Road siding to its new home, one day just to load it on the huge flatbed truck, and another day for the entourage of police, telephone and power trucks, caboose and wheels on a separate truck to travel the scant half mile and be reassembled onsite.

The move was handled by Norris Brothers. A six-man crew with a huge crane on wheels sunk a foot deep in mud before the 25-ton caboose was snuggly in place. Jacking that big crane hook around among all those trees with the 33-foot by 15-foot caboose dangling from it like a baby in a hammock was a real challenge, but senior partner Larry Norris got it done.

On Tue., July 22, about 9:00 a.m. Norris proceeded north on Dover Center Road with the caboose, then west on Lake Road to Long Beach Parkway, then south to the Baycrafters property off Northfield, finally backing across in front of the gallery house and placed on specially-laid tracks by the station house.

The caboose was acquired from the N&W Railway through the cooperation of Baycrafters trustees Mr. and Mrs. John Cotteen and N&W Railway vice president Charles Thomas.

Baycrafters, now BAYarts, uses the 50-year-old car for classes, exhibits, and storage.

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