Powell Family Portrait

Frame #23: The Powell Family Portrait

Perry Powell was born on April 29, 1836 to Thomas Powell and Sophia Sadler Powell. He married Sarah Milner in 1867. The north forty acres of Thomas’ farm were deeded to Perry, along with the old Powell house where he resided with his family. The couple had three children, Elvie Powell Dodd (left), Clinton Powell (middle), and Mary Powell (right). All of the Powells are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Westlake, Ohio except for Mary who moved to Santa Barbara with her husband.


Perry Powell

Perry Powell
Front, right.
b. 29 Apr. 1836, Dover Township, Ohio
d. 16 Jul. 1915, Village of Bay, Ohio
Perry Powell was the first child of Thomas and Sarah Powell. For a time he worked as a carpenter and joiner according to the 1880 census before taking over his father’s farm. After his wife’s death in 1898, he worked the farm before going to live with his eldest daughter and her family on their farm. He lived to be 79 years old.

Sarah Milner Powell

Sarah Milner Powell
Front, left.
b. 13 Apr. 1847, Mayfield, Ohio
d. 23 Sept. 1898
Sarah was the daughter of Harriet Horn and James Milner. Her father immigrated from East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Her mother was from New York. James passed away a year after Sarah was born. Her and her mother, along with her three siblings, went to live with her uncle, John Horn, on his farm. Sarah married Perry Powell in 1867. She passed away at the age of 51.

Alva “Elvie” Powell Dodd

Alva “Elvie” Powell Dodd
Back, left.
b. Dec. 1872, Dover Township, Ohio
d. 1954
Elvie was the third child of Perry and Sarah Powell. She married twice, first to Chauncey Stevens and then to Wirt W. Dodd. Wirt’s parents, Charles and Anna Dodd, immigrated from the Isle of Man to Dover and started a fruit farm. Wirt took over his father’s farm for a time where he and Elvie would have two children together. By 1930 the couple took on other jobs, Wirt as a house builder, and Elvie as a dressmaker. Sometime in the late 1930s, Elvie went to live with her widowed daughter, Sarah Wymer, in Cleveland. She passed away at the age of 82.

Isaac Clinton “Clint” Powell

Isaac Clinton “Clint” Powell
Back, middle.
b. Oct. 1870, Ohio
d. 25 Jan. 1926, Village of Bay, Ohio
Clint was the first child of Perry and Sarah Powell. He married Amanda Wuebker on March 2, 1905. Amanda’s parents were Friedrich and Ernestine Wuebker who immigrated from Buscherheide, Hanover, Prussia. Friedrich passed away when Amanda was young, so she and her family went to live with her uncle in Dover. Her brother, Ernie, was the mailman on the first rural mail route out of West Dover.
Clint and Amanda had four children together who they raised on their fruit farm on Bradley Road. He passed away at the age of 56, leaving the farm to his wife. She ran the farm until her death twenty years later.

Mary Katherine Powell

Mary Katherine Powell
Back, right.
b. 10 Jun. 1878, Ohio
d. 20 Oct. 1924, Santa Barbara, California
Mary was the third child of Perry and Sarah Powell. She worked as a teacher before marrying William H. Greene on June 16, 1902. William Greene was the son of William B. and Caroline Greene, and worked as a farmer before working as an electrical engineer. The couple lived with William’s parents at least until 1910, before moving to California, where William bought a farm. Mary passed away at the age of 46 and is buried in Santa Barbara Cemetery in California.

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