Cahoon Family Reunion between 1899-1903)

Frame #22: Cahoon Family Reunion

The descendants of Joseph and Lydia Cahoon gathered for a reunion at Rose Hill sometime after 1899 (John Marshall’s death), but before 1903 (Martha’s death). The reunion included the Wright, Bullock, Hollenbach, and Andrews families. The Wrights are the descendants of Joseph and Lydia Cahoon’s daughter, Rebecca. The Bullocks and Hollenbachs are descendants of Joseph and Lydia Cahoon’s son, Benjamin. The Andrews family is very distantly related to the Cahoons but were considered close family friends.

Numbered Cahoon Reunion A

Top Row: 1-6. Unknown, 7. Walter Wright, 8. Tom Wright, 9. Maria Palmer Wright, 10. Aaron Bullock, 11. Bertha Wilbur Bullock, 12. Mabel Bullock, and 13. Alva Bullock. Middle Row: 27. Everett Benjamin Cahoon, 28. Thomas Cahoon, 29. Martha Cahoon, 30. Helen Cahoon Bullock, and 31. Jeannette Cahoon. Bottom Row: 38-43. Unknown

Numbered Cahoon Reunion B

Top Row: 14. Mary Hollenbach, 15. Unknown, 16. Lulu Hollenbach Manter, 17. Reuben Hollenbach, 18. Elizabeth Hollenbach Dougherty, 19. Unknown, 20. Ida Cahoon, 21. Unknown, 22. Jay Collin Andrews, 23. Lillian Spoor Andrews, 24. Edwin R. Andrews, 25. George Andrews, and 26. Unknown. Middle Row: 32. Minerva Cahoon Hollenbach, 33. Lydia Cahoon, 34. Laura Cahoon, 35. Abigail Cahoon Schneerer, 36. Maria Webb Andrews, 37. Frank Andrews. Bottom Row: 44. Unknown, 45. Virginia Andrews Hutchinson, 46. William Harron Andrews, 47. Jay Andrews, 48. Dan Andrews, and 49. Louise Andrews Sanders.

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