Porch talk on Johnny Appleseed

Osborn Learning Center 27715 Lake Road, Bay Village, OH

Learn the true story of Johnny Appleseed on Sun., Aug. 7, at the Bay Village Historical Society’s Osborn Learning Center porch talk. Many people think of Johnny Appleseed as a fictional character. In fact, he was a pioneer on the Ohio frontier. Beryl Prusinoski will talk about Johnny Appleseed and the conditions our state’s early […]

BVHS quarterly potluck supper

Bay Lodge 492 Bradley Road, Bay Village, OH

The speaker will be Angie George, talking about “Mid 19th Century Cuisine” Angie is a member of North Coast Narrative, a group dedicating to bring Ohio history to life. What did people eat during a time before the supermarket? How was food prepared? Where did it come from? What did kitchens look like 150 years […]

Quarterly potluch supper

Rediscover “Mid 19th Century Cuisine,” as part of the Thur., Sept. 15, Bay Village Historical Society potluck program. Guest speaker Angie George, a member of the North Coast Narrative, a group dedicated to bringing Ohio history to life, will talk about food before supermarkets. Where did food come from? How was it prepared? What did […]