Easter Greetings

Easter is observed on March 31st this year. We here at the Bay Village Historical Society would like to wish you and yours a happy Easter this month. Below are a few examples of the many Easter cards and postcards we have in our collections. Enjoy!

Easter or “Ostern” postcard sent to Ohio from Frankfurt, Germany in April, 1908. 2021.FIC.018.20.1
Reading rabbits help to send good wishes to the recipient of this Easter postcard (circa early 1900s) 2021.FIC.018.19.1
A little girl leads her Easter rabbit through a field in this March 1929 postcard sent to 7-year-old Helen Yaeger, 2021.
A little kitten with a bow helps to send an Easter poem to a beloved aunt on this April 1958 card, 2021.FIC.018.26

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