Sam Sheppard

Will Krause provided an in-depth look at the brutal murder of Marilyn Sheppard at the Sheppard home
at 28944 Lake Road in Bay Village on July 4, 1954. Sam, her husband, was arrested by the Bay Village
police on the porch of the Fuller house which is currently at BAYarts. This was the venue where the talk
was held.
Sheppard claimed his innocence but was found guilty and would spend ten years in prison before
being granted another trial. The original trial produced a landmark U. S. Supreme Court decision on fair
trial rights. The murder conviction was overturned on June 6, 1966 due to a lack of evidence. Sheppard
died in 1970 of liver failure. The trial created national attention and became the inspiration for the
television show and movie The Fugitive. The Sheppard home was demolished in 1993.

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