Margaret Fairly Wright Glendnning square

Frame #16: Margaret Fairley Wright Glendenning

b. July 1894, Cleveland, Ohio
d. 16 May 1957, Mount Vernon, Ohio
Margaret C. Fairely Wright was the daughter of Walter Wright and Maria Palmer, and Joseph and Lydia Cahoon’s great-great-granddaughter. She was present at Laura Cahoon’s funeral in 1917, where she opened the service singing, “My Jesus as Thou Wilt.” She married Donald O. Glendenning, son of Amos Glendenning and Luella Osborn (the great-granddaughter of Reuben Osborn), on October 21, 1922. Margaret lived to be 63 years old. She is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Westlake, Ohio.

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