Civil War presentation

Civil War presentation, “Ohio’s Unsung Heroines, Women in the Civil War” was featured at the
general meeting on Thursday, November 20th. 2014 at the Community House.

This dynamic, gripping presentation highlighted the endeavors of Ohio women during the Civil War.
Interesting and riveting stories of female spies, soldiers, doctors, nurses, abolitionists, wives, and
mothers were told from a woman’s perspective. Guests were greeted by reenactors in Civil War
uniforms as they entered the building. They viewed historic flags including those from the Civil War era
that were part of the collection of Tom Gorgas, an authentic rifle, reproduction quilts from the private
collection of Sharon Morton, the Lakewood Historical Society’s Civil War Trunk, and were able to
interact with “soldiers of the day” as they enjoyed their meal. The venue was decorated with Civil War
photographs, letters and more. The potluck meeting included turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and
gravy provided by the Bay Village Historical Society.

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