Firework Finale

All of this finalized with a fireworks display at dark on 10.10.10! Thanks to the bicentennial committee of Evelyn Allen, Dave Tadych, Carole Roske and Tom Phillips for coordinating this event.

Bicentennial Ceremony

There was a celebrity-packed presentation about Bay’s history and the city’s birthday cake was enjoyed while watching the lighting of Bay’s new cupola on top of the old Cahoon family barn (now the Community House). The cupola was constructed on site in the weeks preceding the 10.10.10 lighting ceremony.

Parade Down Lake Road

The bicentennial parade took place on Sunday 10.10.10 at 2 p.m. and ended in Cahoon Memorial Park where folks viewed the parade floats up close and enjoyed a city-wide picnic.

A Day Full of Fun

The big weekend of 10.10.10 found Cahoon Memorial Park the center of attention: Contests, food, entertainers, concerts, dances, historic city tours, Lakeside Cemetery tours with re-enactment entertainers in both the park and cemetery and much much more.

Olde Time Base Ball

Olde Time Base Ball Game

To help celebrate the bicentennial of the arrival of the Cahoon family in 1810, a huge celebration was held throughout the city, and part of that celebration included a base ball (two words) game as was played in olden times. Playing under the rules of 1865, the Villagers hosted the Cleveland Blues. Under the direction of Coach Ray Yoder, the Villagers made a fine showing but were ultimately defeated by the more experienced Blues. The members of the Villagers, made up primarily of members of the Bay Men’s Club, found joy in playing the game the old-time way, and the team continues to play opponents of similar clubs throughout Northeastern Ohio about four or five times a year. Watch the Facebook page of the Bay Men’s Club for the schedule of future Villagers games.

Westerly Parade

Bicentennial (2010):
Bay Village celebrated its bicentennial in 2010. The official date of Bay Village’s bicentennial was October 10, 2010. It was referred to as 10.10.10.

Beginning in January 2010, special events were presented each month and residents were asked to turn on their porch lights in the evening to create an awareness of the settling of Bay Village by the Cahoon family on October 10, 1810.