Bay Village Historical Video Archive

Bay Village – A Way of Life
This video is a fascinating look at the Cahoon family, the first family to settle in what is now Bay Village. It traces the history of the family and shows just how important they were to local history.

Early Settlers of Bay Village
This video takes a look at the many early settlers of Bay Village, and how they influenced its history, agriculture, religion and architecture.

The People Who Came to Bay Village
There were many early settlers in Dover Township, and this video examines many of them who settled in what is now Bay Village.

Wischmeyers of Bay Village
The Wischmeyer family is one of the oldest in Dover Township. This video, by the late historian Kay McLaughlin, traces their roots and explains how the family survived, and prospered.

The Inter-Urban, Lake Shore Electric Railway
The Inter-Urban, or Lake Shore Electric Railway, ran from Cleveland west through Bay Village until the late 1930s. This video is a terrific look back at the history of the railway and how it influenced the growth of Cuyahoga County west of the Cuyahoga River.