A Nod To The Past

2022 “A Nod To The Past” highlighted organizations and memorable moments in Bay Village.
Displays included early school memorabilia with a nod to the first graduating class at Parkside
School in 1927 and featured an early graduation dress. 1920s clothing and a poster from the
suffragette movement were focused in the Victorian Parlor. The primary display
commemorated Dover-by-the-Lake Library, the first library in Bay Village, that began at Rose
Hill in 1921. The display highlighted the last 100 years up to the opening of our new library in
the spring. A nod to the military was evident in the library with military memorabilia from WWI
and earlier.
The second floor featured two displays: one of Bay Crafters which was originally on the lower
level of Rose Hill (now BayArts), and the Lake Erie Junior Museum. The museum, which was
housed in what is now the children’s bedroom and bathroom, would become the Lake Erie
Nature and Science Center.
The last display was in the lower area where guests viewed early bathing suits from the 1910s
and 1920s along with vintage postcards.

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